J. Marciano

Underwater Welding and Marine Company


J. Marciano Underwater Welding and Marine Company learned long ago that nothing we do is more important than the safety of our people and the environment. With safety as our guiding principle, J. Marciano Underwater Welding and Marine Company will not take a job unless we believe it can be performed safely. From job screening, to job planning, to job execution, we carefully consider the impact our work will have on our people and the environment. Our team of engineers, project managers, superintendents, foremen, and laborers work hand-in-hand with our Health, Safety, Security and Environment Department to make each job a safe one. At J. Marciano Underwater Welding and Marine Company, every employee is truly a member of our safety department.

With the ever increasing requirements set forth by Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) and the importance of having a safe and trained workforce, J. Marciano Underwater Welding and Marine Company has developed a Health, Safety and Environmental Management System which sets forth our commitment to safe operation. This HSE Management System is a collection of integrated, documented processes that define how we as an organization will meet our HSE Objectives. The goal of the HSE management system is to promote Safety and Environmental protection by assuring that all employees are trained, understand and follow the policies and procedures for working safely.

We employ an aggressive behavioral based safety program that stresses the importance of thinking before acting. Our safety program begins at the hiring phase; we will not hire an employee unless he or she has significant experience and has demonstrated a commitment to safety. After carefully screening prospective employees, we immediately indoctrinate our people in the J. Marciano Underwater Welding and Marine Company culture of safety. New employees undergo rigorous safety training “in the classroom” before being sent to the field. At hire, all employees go through an orientation program that covers:

1. OSHA Super Session – for all employees
2.First Aid / CPR – for all employees
3. Water Survival with Swing Rope & HUET – for all field employees
4. Rigger Certification – for on-deck personnel and divers
5. Incipient Fire Fighting – for all field & yard employees
6. Crane and Forklift Certifications – for designated employees
7. Confined Space Awareness – for all employees
8. Nondestructive Training (MP, UT & FMD) – for diving employees
9. Behavior Based Safety Training – for all employees