J. Marciano

Underwater Welding and Marine Company



From bow to stern and bridge to hull, we perform inspections and repairs efficiently, expertly, and professionally. We are approved by numerous marine agencies including the U. S. Coast Guard and the Marine Agency Corps. Additionally, we are certified by The American Bureau of Shipping (“ABS”) and Det Norske Veritas (“DNV”).

You can rely on us to look after your interests and work our local knowledge and connections to take care of your crew and deliver fuel, spares and provisions on time and on budget. And all through a single contact and billed on a single invoice at standard rates for optimum efficiency.

Speedy and well-coordinated husbandry services enables fast vessel turn-around, and that helps you optimise your operational efficiency. Services include:

1. Crew handling
2. Spares clearance and delivery
3. Supplies of bunker fuels, lubricants and chemicals
4. Provisions and fresh water
5. Inward / outward clearance of ships
6. Liaison with local authorities and communications assistance
7. Comprehensive support for dry-docking and repair supervision
8. Follow-up activities with workshops, contractors etc.


Our diving specialists work inland and offshore, in clear water to zero visibility, open seas to confined spaces. Our dive teams are armed with state-of-the-art equipment and are specially trained to perform work in contaminated environments. We safely perform work in chemical plants, nuclear power plants, petroleum, and wastewater. Our safety standards are among the most stringent in the industry and meet or exceed the requirements of the U. S. Coast Guard, OSHA and the Marine Agency Corps.

We offer a broad range of first class commercial diving and industry services. Our services are performed by certified commercial divers and qualified personnel. We strive for excellence with Quality, OH&S and Environmental acreditation. Our team and specialised equipment are always ready for rapid deployment.


We offer a plethora of experts to meet all your needs, from certified welders to cathodic protection professionals. We can professionally perform all your maintenance and repair work including, but not limited to burning and welding, epoxy injection and grouting, explosives demolition, penetration diving, pile encapsulation and pile wrapping, cathodic protection, potable water diving, salvage and remediation, substructure repairs, submarine drilling and blasting, water/sand/grit blasting and more!

We strive to improve by repairing equipment within budget and on time. Our trained and dedicated repair technicians will ensure that your equipment is functioning properly before we leave. Our mission is to provide our customers with what they need, when they need it, no matter how simple or complex. It is this level of dedication that has allowed J. Marciano Underwater Welding and Marine Company to grow to what it is today.

From repairing cracks, to reinforcing and realigning, our certified welding technicians are ready to meet any and all of your repair needs. Whether you need our repair services for your agricultural equipment or for your industrial equipment, you can feel confident that all repairs are performed with the utmost precision and efficiency. When you choose us for your welding needs, you can feel confident knowing that we have years of experience repairing the following forms of metals:

1. Cast-iron
2. Copper
3. Steel
4. Stainless steel
5. Aluminum
6. Bronze

Return your equipment back to its original strength with J. Marciano Underwater Welding and Marine Company.


We offer extensive experience in providing civil engineering services to marine agencies, municipalities, and port authorities. We have the resources to design your repair or your entire off-shore structure. We are able to take you from the design stage through to completion. J. Marciano Underwater Welding and Marine Company is an innovative provider of offshore construction, inspection and maintenance services.

The team at J. Marciano Underwater Welding and Marine Company is one of the finest available with vast experience in project execution from the smallest inland project to the deepest saturation project, we have a solution for any of your diving needs. J. Marciano Underwater Welding and Marine Company specializes in tailoring to our customers needs to perform projects in the safest most efficient manner possible. We also provide the list of core services:

1. Underwater surveying
2. Underwater cutting and welding
3. Quarrying and blasting work
4. Dredging and lifting work
5. Harbour construction
6. Repairs of underwater structures
7. Construction and mechanical engineering


Above and below surface, we can assess any situation. Whether inspecting a ship, pier, bridge, lighthouse, or other structure, we provide comprehensive documentation through detailed written reports, video, and still photos. Our certified teams are well experienced in underwater photography as well as core sampling, crack monitoring, magnetic particle, ultrasonic testing, X-Ray and more. Whatever your inspection entails, we have the expertise to handle it.

One of the challenges for designing and engineering projects that are in, around, and underwater is determining what is actuality below the water line. Our experience in underwater surveys and inspections can help you see through the water so that you have the information you need to execute your projects. We provide the lists of Underwater Mapping:

1. Single Beam – A cost effective, way to get accurate Data where you need it .
2. Multi Beam – Great for creating detailed point clouds.
3. Side Scan – if you’re looking for a target or want to inspect underwater structures, side scan can help you see through the waves


Our Heavy Marine Division is committed to completing your project on time and within budget. Our services include all general construction, bridge construction/repair, dam construction/repair, pipeline construction/repair, power plant maintenance, dredging, cofferdam construction, offshore structures, pile driving, sheet piling, laying cable, and more.

J. Marciano Underwater Welding and Marine Company provides a range of services for marine construction, ranging from simple inspection and surveys to full turnkey project management under CDM Regulations. These support services are a valuable outsourcing resource for companies that require specialist knowledge of marine works either for construction or for the maintenance and through life support for marine assets. In addition to general construction services such as concreting and foundations, J. Marciano Underwater Welding and Marine Company is a sector expert in the fields of scour protection, corrosion prevention and underwater welding.

J. Marciano Underwater Welding and Marine Company has several years of experience in marine operations, an impeccable safety record and is fully insured and compliant with all relevant regulations for underwater works. This level of expertise is invaluable to clients in managing their marine projects safely, on time and in budget. J. Marciano Underwater Welding and Marine Company also adds additional capability in design, project management and engineering support that allows main contractors to delegate work packages in their entirety producing efficiency savings through project control by marine specialists. We understand that marine environments can be complex and demanding which is why major clients mitigate their risk through support from J. Marciano Underwater Welding and Marine Company.