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Marciano Underwater Welding and Marine was founded in 1989 by late G. J. Marciano. Currently, Matthew Marciano is the Chairman and CEO of J. Marciano Underwater Welding and Marine. We are the exclusive commercial diving contracting company. We specialize in underwater ship maintenance and with over 30 years of combined experience in the industry. Our highly trained staff members are professionally qualified, comply (and exceed) international industry standards making us one of the highest qualified diving companies.

Our company accompanies every welding or cutting project from the planning stage, in order to best adapt it to the marine environment. Among the company capabilities you can find welding steel constructions, installation of cathodic protection in welding, repair and completion of bearing walls, pipe welding, pipe cutting and tenonings cutting. With the help of the professional welders employed by our company, we can ensure maximum quality while ensuring safety and close to the competent inspection bodies.

The company performs offshore and marine pipelay, pipeline burial, jetting, salvage and land construction services. J. Marciano Underwater Welding and Marine Companycan provide derrick barges, pipelay barges & bury barges capable of laying & burying 60″ diameter pipelines, surface and saturation diving support services which are uniquely designed to provide the marine and energy industries with dependable results. J. Marciano Underwater Welding and Marine Company also provides land based construction services to support industrial construction projects. The company combines unparalleled safety, quality, experience, the highest quality equipment, skilled craftsmen and engineered solutions to get any job done.

Our Vision:

To become industry leaders in providing world-class underwater services in both in inshore and offshore markets.

We are committed to delivering reliable, high-quality and cost-effective solutions to each and every one of our clients. Through safe working practices, we will strive to sustain a positive and rewarding work environment for our employees.

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Head Office:
501 Congress Ave, Austin, Texas 78701, United States.

Telephone: +1 512 798 3647

Branch Office:
1000 5th Street Suite 200, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States.

Telephone: +1 352 557 9536

Branch Office 2:
3054 W Behrend Dr, Phoenix,
Arizona 85027, United States.


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Our Services


From bow to stern and bridge to hull, we perform inspections and repairs efficiently, expertly, and professionally. We are approved by numerous marine agencies including the U. S. Coast Guard..


Our diving specialists work inland and offshore, in clear water to zero visibility, open seas to confined spaces. Our dive teams are armed with state-of-the-art equipment and are specially trained…


We offer a plethora of experts to meet all of your maintenance and repair needs, from certified welders to cathodic protection professionals. We can professionally perform all of your maintenance…


We offer extensive experience in providing marine engineering services to government agencies, municipalities, and port authorities. We have the resources to design your repair or your entire…


Above and below surface, we can assess any situation. Whether inspecting a ship, pier, bridge, lighthouse, or other structure, we provide comprehensive documentation through detailed written reports, video, and still…


Our Heavy Marine Division is committed to completing your project on time and within budget. Our services include all general construction and repairs to such structures as bridges, dams, pipelines…