J. Marciano

Underwater Welding and Marine Company


We use our own equipment that are well known, reliable and designed especially for commercial diving. The diving jobs are normally carried out by using independent mobile diving units. Each unit consists of complete heavy & light diving equipment for three persons, basic manual tools and necessary equipment for energy and breathing air production, video and photography and use of any special equipment that may be necessary. Our diving team always includes three persons: diver, diving supervisor/tender and a safety diver. All personnel in the team are trained and certified professional divers.

For diving we use only Kirby Morgan (SL17 / SL27), Miller SR 400 and Heliox diving helmets which are commonly in use for example in the oil industry worldwide. Each of our 8 divers has their personal diving helmet. For safety, each unit has a AGA 326 diving unit and medical oxygen systems. For maximum safety and quality, we renew our equipment periodically.

Our sophisticated propeller repair services offer the highest quality underwater propeller maintenance and cleaning, completing tasks that were previously only available in drydock. We provide you with topside monitor video inspection before and after polishing, and a detailed written report, complete with photographs, with insight into any anomalies sighted during the inspection.

We offer:

- Underwater Hull Cleaning Services and Maintenance
- Underwater Welding Services
- Underwater Maintenance and Inspection


10 x 10 JET PUMPS