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About Us

J. Marciano Underwater Welding and Marine was founded in 1989 by late G. J. Marciano. Currently, Matthew Marciano is the Chairman and CEO of J. Marciano Underwater Welding and Marine. We provide a wide range of innovative marine construction solutions above and below the waterline, including the Oil & Gas sector. We also specialize in a full range of underwater ship inspection, maintenance and repair services for deep-sea vessels. We are a second-generation expert in the marine and underwater construction space with decades of experience in the field. From the beginning, we had a clear vision for the company – to offer top-quality marine and underwater construction and commercial diving solutions.

Today, we specialize in construction and maintenance services for desalination plants, ship repair, ROVs, water reservoir and sewage cleaning, water treatment, and gas and oil facilities. We’re proud to be at the top of our field, holding international ADCI accreditation and certified by Lloyd’s register for I.W.S. inspection.

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